Thursday, 16 December 2010

Custom Cards from Amarige Weddings Photography.

Hi friends, Zeke and I recently sent a christmas card to all our friends and customers of SL, it was designed by myself and I had so many positive comments, that I decided to offer Custom Personalised cards, be it christmas cards and birthdays, or even birth announcements. These will be 250l$, and will be very personal to the buyer. So if you want a card for your business or club, drop me an IM in world, some examples can be seen above or for better viewing, at the store on the island,also I am offering personalised invitations, low prim, can be seen at Yoshikawa Stained Glass Designs, on the south east corner of the wedding sim,please feel free to visit and place your orders with myself or Zeke, Prices are 450l$. Thank you lovely people for your continued support.

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Package 3

Package 3 differs again from the other 2 packages and consists of the following...Minister, Planner, Service area( 1 hour), reception area (1 hour), 5 photographs, and Marriage certificate. Visit us IN WORLD to see how we have the wedding area set up, we have a wonderful Waterfall, backdrop, perfect for those special pics and memories.